Germany Employment Prospects

Germany is one of the EU countries with the lowest unemployment rates. There are two main reasons why the situation for qualified workers looks set to stay favourable: German companies are highly competitive and they need ever larger numbers of highly trained employees.

Germany is home to many of the fortune 500 companies. With a robust economy & world leading position there is a constant demand for qualified & skilled labour force. Aging population & market diversification has only added fuel to the demand supply gap. According to “The German engineer’s association (VDI)”, vacancies for engineers had risen over the past year by nearly 30 percent. Non-EU students are allowed to stay up to 1 year after the completion of the study to search for a job.

No matter which part of the world you go to, German qualification will surely find preferential treatment. Top notch Universities with focus on research & practical oriented study is unparalleled. In addition no employer can neglect the unique advantage

• Work experience through Internships
• Bachelor/Master thesis in an industrial setup
• High quality education
• Multicultural & multinational student body
• Language skills



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