Italy Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Italy
The cost of living in Italy can fluctuate greatly depending on whether you live in the north or south. The northern part of the boot-shaped country tends to be much wealthier than its southern counterpart, and thus prices in the big cities like Milan are considerably higher than those that expats will find in the rural areas.

Overall, expats should realise that Italy consistently appears toward the top of cost of living indexes in the EU.

As in any location, monthly expenses vary depending on what kind of expat lifestyle you choose to adopt. It’s possible, for example, to pay between 50 and 100 EUR for a meal at a medium-range restaurant, and up to 300 EUR on a three-course meal at a top-end establishment.

As a general indication, monthly expenses for an average single person paying for housing, food, utilities, leisure, transport, health insurance and clothing can cost anything upwards of 975 EUR. A family of four will have to pay approximately 1,995 EUR for the same expenses.

Around 25 percent of an average Italian’s family budget will be spent on accommodation. Depending on where you live in Italy, property prices and rentals will vary considerably. To rent an apartment in Naples may cost you 550 EUR per month, but double that for the same apartment in Milan or Rome. A small 50m² rental apartment in Rome can cost around 1,000 EUR per month, which is three times what you would pay in a rural area for an apartment of the same size.

Increasingly, there has been a demand for retirement and second homes from both Italians and foreigners, as there are still many rural properties offering good value for money. The cost of living in these more remote parts is much lower than it is in the city centres, and one can in fact live quite frugally here compared to other parts of Europe.


Accommodation (monthly rent in good area)
Furnished two bedroom house
Furnished two bedroom apartment
Room in shared apartment
Food and Drink
One litre milk
500g cheese
Bread (white)
12 eggs
1kg sugar
500g ground coffee
Tea bags (25)
One litre Coca-Cola
One litre mineral water
1kg beef filet
1kg minced beef
1kg chicken (whole)
Beer per can
Bottle of wine
Cigarettes (pack of 20)
2.5kg laundry detergent
500ml dishwashing liquid
Bath soap
200ml shampoo
Telephone line (monthly rental)
Mobile/cell phone
Electricity costs – apartment (100sq.m)
Eating out and entertainment
Three-course restaurant meal
Fast-food meal
Coffee in café
Beer in bar
Taxi per km
City bus
Internet café (30min)
Consultation – private doctor/GP
Aspirin (100 tablets)
Antibiotics (12 tablets)



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