Masters in Aerospace


Application Deadline
June 25th 2014
Study Option
FullTime / PartTime
Start date
Language of instruction

Aerospace engineering is the study of the mathematics, physics, computer science, material science and design philosophy underlying the analysis, design, manufacture and operation of aerospace vehicles.

The Master of Professional Engineering (Aerospace) is a three year full-time course delivering technical and professional outcomes that will allow you to be recognised as an Australian graduate engineer in this field. This degree has been given provisional accreditation at the level of Professional Engineering by the industry governing body

Curriculum Overview for Students of MSC Robotics[+]
Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5120 Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies
MAE 5130 Viscous Flows
MAE 5140 Experimental Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5150 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5160 Gas Dynamics
MAE 5180 Turbulent Flows
MAE 6130 Experimental Methods in Turbulence
Aerospace Structures and Materials
MAE 5050 Finite Element Fundamentals
MAE 5060 Applications in Finite Element Methods
MAE 5410 Elasticity
MAE 5430 Design of Aerospace Structures
MAE 5460 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials
MAE 5470 Principles of Composite Materials
MAE 5480 Structural Dynamics
Combustion and Propulsion
MAE 5130 Viscous Flows
MAE 5150 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5160 Gas Dynamics
MAE 5310 Combustion Fundamentals
MAE 5320 Internal Combustion Engines
MAE 5350 Gas Turbines
MAE 5360 Hypersonic Air-breathing Engines
Flight Mechanics and Controls
MAE 5801 Advanced Flight Dynamics and Control
MAE 5802 Multivariable Feedback Control Systems
MAE 5803 Nonlinear Control Systems
MAE 5804 Guidance and Navigation of Aerospace Vehicles
MAE 5805 Spaceflight Mechanics and Controls
MAE 5610 Advanced Dynamics or MAE 5360 Hypersonic Air-breathing Engines



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