New Zealand Employment Prospects

There are a range of seasonal and temporary work opportunities to provide you with extra travel income. You might want to experience life in one of our bigger cities, or you might want to spend time in parts of New Zealand that are off the beaten ‘tourist’ track.

To help you find work in New Zealand – either in advance or on your arrival – we have put together a list of websites. Most of the sites on this list are free to use, and they will provide you with more information to help you plan your holiday, find work, get around the country, and enjoy your time in New Zealand.

Two major factors influence the rosy outlook for employment in this industry: demand – a continuing growth in new jobs; and supply – a shortage of both graduates, with the requisite knowledge and skills, and highly skilled professionals.

This positive employment outlook is reinforced by a number of recent stories with headlines such as Techday’s IT Brief “Don’t leave town before you’ve seen the booming ICT market” and Computerworld’s “NZ ICT sector faces ‘dire’ skills shortage”.

In the Computerworld story the CEO of IT services company Fronde, Ian Clarke, states that there is a dire shortage of highly skilled IT professionals in the country, despite the fulfilling and lucrative careers the sector delivers.

This shortage of highly skilled IT professionals is further emphasised in the Techday article with the headline “Kiwi IT jobs boom smashes $110k salary mark”. Head of Trade Me Jobs, Peter Osborne, states that eight of the top ten highest-paying jobs are in the IT sector and paying at least $110,000 per year. A real shortage of IT gurus is leading to these high salaries being offered as businesses throw more money on the table to attract people into their roles.

Across the Tasman, under the headline “Shortage of IT graduates a critical threat”, an analysis by The Australian Financial Review of university course take-up by domestic undergraduate students since 2001 shows a 36 percent decline in students starting IT degrees, and a 41 percent decline in students ­graduating from those degrees in the same time frame.

Worldwide there are many similar headlines (refer News Bytes A – Z) heralding the widening gap between the expanding IT job market and the shrinking availability of skilled IT professionals.



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