USA Cost of Living

Cost of Living in the United States
Cost of living in the United States can differ depending on location and lifestyle. Big cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago tend to have high costs and quality of goods and other commodities but there are also a number of states offering lower standards of living. Several people from all over the world want to move into the country because of the very high salaries as well as the abundance of job opportunities. The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in the world. At present, it ranks 1st in terms of economy and quality of life. The current GDP of the nation is over 13 trillion euros with a per capita GDP of over 44,000 euros.

The United States has the 3rd largest space area in the world and although the cities are well-populated, there are still plenty of land in nearby towns, farms and the countryside. New York City is currently the state with the most number of people and is the most expensive city to live in followed by Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Cost of food, household items and entertainment can vary but overall, almost all people can afford these comfortably. Majority of Americans enjoy good quality of life with high net income. The government also asks for state and government income tax from all immigrants, locals and foreign visitors.

The country has been hardest hit by the worldwide recession but still remains an industrial power by sheer volume and economic size of the country.

Food and Drinks Costs in the US
There are a lot of cheap food and drinks in the United States. Most of these are in the form of fast food while others are sold widely with vendors such as hotdogs, waffles and pretzels. The average American spends around 5 to 10 euros a day on food.

Buying grocery items to be prepared at home will save more. Provincial states send in agricultural products like beef, pork, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables to big cities for consumption. Buying these raw goods directly from farmers and fish vendors can be cheaper but traveling may tend to be tedious.

There are also several restaurants all over the country. Diners and coffee shops serve several American favorites like hamburgers, pizza, French fries, donuts and other pastries. A single meal in a middle class place can cost around 6 to 10 euros.

More luxurious places in the middle of the city and in hotels can be as hefty as 300 to 500 euros. Overall, food and drinks are plenty in the United States and all people get to enjoy the various tastes and brands of products. Most of the products are locally made but there are also a number of items imported from Asia which can cost higher or the same as others.

The current financial downturn though has put a damper on the seeming cornucopia of the great American way. As food prices increase, much of it has a great impact on the overall capacity of American families, especially lower and middle class families lower and middle class families.

Clothing and Accessories Costs in the US
The United States is one of the best places in the world to shop. New York City and Los Angeles are the top two cities offering great clothes at very affordable rates. There are 99-cent shops as well as flea markets, garage sales and bargain stores in every nook of major cities. Expatriates will find plenty of wares and cheap goods in factory outlets as well. As for accessories, there are plenty of locally made trinkets and gadgets sold by street vendors. A number of Chinese-made goods have also entered the scene and are sold at very competitive prices.

Designer brands and labels are found mostly in major cities in shopping malls and department stores. These are all up-to-date and rather expensive. Prices of bags, shoes and clothes depend on the maker and quality. Some can have price tags of over 5,000 euros but styles change every season and sales are more likely to come around every now and then.

Housing Costs in the US
Finding a quality and affordable apartment in the city can be quite difficult. Beautiful apartments and condominiums with great locations can change anywhere from 1000 to 2500 euros every month. Smaller rental spaces can be located farther from the middle of town between 150 to 300 euros monthly.

The more luxurious places usually cover electricity and water supply but less comfortable nooks exclude utilities. The suburbs are also great places to raise family or retire since there is more available space and the opportunity to own property is there. American citizenship however, is required before expatriates can fully own land or property.

Real estate agents are widely popular in the United States since they help very much in finding a suitable place for any immigrant. Hiring an agent can quickly process documentation, analyze current and future value as well as compute other taxes for building and maintenance.

Single rooms are also available in some parts of cities at affordable rates. Tenants however need to cover utilities as well as pay for repairs and other renovations indicated by the landlord. Dormitories are not as popular compared before but there are a number of hotels and hostels offering cheap package rates should expatriates plan to stay for months of years.

Though the property market has been said as the trigger to the current fiscal crisis felt throughout the world, as US homeowners have signified confidence that the market will rebound from the crisis of the last few years.

Services Costs in the US
The United States government provides a lot of opportunities to all its citizens and visitors alike. There are however, some income taxes and immigrant and foreigner fees which will depend on individuals’ worldwide income. Along with these are great advantages like insurance and liability policies, safety and protection policies, health care insurances and housing loans and benefits. The healthcare dilemma has been shared in America Expat Forum last March 9, 2009:

you’re normally better served by getting a group policy of some sort – if not through an employer, then through an association or there are even some civic and church organizations that offer group policies. But if you or your family has any pre-existing conditions, you need to consider carefully all the fine print and that’s best done one on one with an independent insurance advisor.

Education is also taxed but quality and service in all aspects is excellent. Job satisfaction is guaranteed and there are compensation benefits for health issues and the like.

The country has the most modern equipment and technology in the world. Communication links, postal service, telephone and internet service as well as transportation are ensured to be of the best quality. Traveling to any part of the United States is very easy and prices are fairly affordable. People get to enjoy quick response in terms of communication.

The country has the most modern equipment and technology in the world. Communication links, postal service, telephone and internet service as well as transportation are ensured to be of the best quality. Traveling to any part of the United States is very easy and prices are fairly affordable. People get to enjoy quick response in terms of communication.

Employment Costs in the US
America currently has an employment rate of 95% but with the current crisis has seen this numbers increase and with it the pressure on governmental finances. The government is actively supporting a number of programs to help fight the remainder of poverty-stricken citizens. Job opportunities are plenty for expatriates. At the moment, the country is eyeing on filling more vacant slots in the health care industry. The need for more health professionals is so great that the United States is offering several bonuses and advantages to people from all over the world to work in respective hospitals and institutions.




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